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National Shopping Service Network, LLC (NSSN) offers top quality services to assist you in implementing a program to provide vital information for the survival, growth and prosperity of your business. A few industries we currently serve are listed below:

Automotive: New and used car purchases, parts purchases, service departments, customer care, quick services, extended stay services, phone services, customer service issues, sales associates and finance options.

Banking: Customer service, teller integrity, night deposit integrity, drive through service, new account service, and loan applications.

Entertainment: Sporting events and concerts, usher integrity, patron control, customer service, hospitality service, police service, ticket sales, concessions, and information distribution.

Food Service: Fine dining, casual dining, 5 star restaurants, fast food chains, drive through, carry out, franchise chains, coffee shops, delis, concession stands, hotel services.

On the web: Usability, ordering, returns, and general navigation.

Real Estate: New and used home sales, and apartment leasing associates.

Retail: Department stores, gift shops, hardware stores, home improvement stores, party stores, grocery stores, jewelry stores, video rental stores, storage rental facilities, art galleries, and general retail stores.

Shopping Centers: Strip malls, town centers, food courts, outlet malls, plazas and airports.

Telephone Services: Customer service, phone orders, return service, reservations and inquiries.

Other: Elder care facilities.

For more information, please contact us.