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Levels of Service

No one level of service can be right for everyone. Needs, goals and resources will vary across industries and with businesses in general. That is why National Shopping Service Network LLC., has flexible options.

Online: This is for geographically dispersed companies. All assignments are completed online. The client accesses collected data information on-line. A wide array of special reports are accessed online or delivered as email attachments. Scored reports are available. Clients may access their information 24/7. Integrated analysis programs are available for high volume comparisons, trends and other statistical information that may be needed. Multi-level access is available on a full or restricted basis for managers and other authorized personnel. "Command Center" online ordering is available.

Email: This is for companies with moderate requirements. All assignments are managed online. Scored reports are available. Shoppers file reports using a Visual Basic form that they attach to an email. Clients receive their reports via email, fax, or snail mail.

Traditional: This is for companies near our local Denver Metropolitan area. All assignments are managed offline. Scored reports are available. All reports are hand-written by the shoppers and are assigned and filed by fax or regular postal mail. Clients completed reports are received via fax or regular postal mail.

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