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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's for Clients

  • What are the advantages to using our company?
    The value of our service is in the accuracy, timeliness and credibility of the reports you get.

    We have been Mystery Shopping Professionals since 1986. We will listen carefully to understand your needs and share our insights and recommendations to your task-at-hand.

    Work gets done by an online corps of savvy customer service and integrity auditors that visit your facilities and file reports that give you their unbiased opinion of these important touchstones, plus any others you may ask them to test.
    Quality, Service, Salesmanship, Integrity, Cleanliness,
    Hospitality, Safety, Product, Training
    and Psychological/Physical Comfort

    We have an excellent reputation with clients and shoppers in the online mystery shopping community.

    We have over 250,000 online shoppers registered in our private database.

  • Click here for our client presentation.

  • Do you have experience shopping my industry?
    We have experience in shopping a wide variety of commerce. Literally everything from A to Z. Yet since every business is unique, we ask that you contact us to discuss your special requirements.

  • Do you have evaluation forms for my industry?
    We have general forms that have been in continual development since 1986. We will use either your form, ours, or one that we develop mutually. We suggest timely updates to keep your forms current.

  • Can you hire shoppers with a specific ethnicity, age or gender?
    We have a large database with shoppers from many ethnic backgrounds. We also have access to other lists that would provide us with the requested shoppers. We are also able to designate age and gender specific shoppers for your assignments.

  • Does the shopper know what company they are shopping for?
    In a comparison shopping assignment, the list of stores to be shopped is compiled and presented to the shopper in alphabetical order for confidentiality. In addition to individual reports for each store, there is a summary report that compares attributes of each store one to another.

  • Do you have the means to hire shoppers in the most remote parts of the country?
    We have private encrypted online access to over 80,000 Internet savvy shoppers in the US and Canada and on a limited basis in the UK. Other lists of approximately 20,000 are available to us. Basically, if there is something there to shop we can find a shopper to do it.

  • Can I use my own form?
    Yes. We will use your evaluation form, ours, or one that we mutually develop. We suggest timely updates to keep your forms responsive to your changing needs.

  • What is the time frame in which I can expect completed evaluations?
    Shoppers are required to file their reports within 24 hours of their shop. Coordinators review them within 24 hours and send them on to you within 24 hours. If there are any questions regarding the report, coordinators contact the shopper for clarification. You will typically have your reports within 72 hours of the completed shop.

  • We have great customer service. Why would we need your services?
    All of our clients strive to provide great customer service. We will measure your level of customer service, provide a basis for rewarding star performers and help you prudently focus your energies and resources on appropriate staff training.

  • How will I receive my reports?
    You may choose to have password access to your reports that are posted to a secure, encrypted page on our server. Your reports can be attached to an email to whomever you select. A third alternative is by fax or USPS (snail mail).

  • Can I specify when I want my shops done?
    Yes. You may dictate the days or hours that your business is to be visited to provide you with the information you feel are most useful.

  • Is it possible to have demographics reported?
    Yes. This can be compiled and given in chart, graph and/or a summary report.

  • How is your fee structure based?
    Each client is different. This is based on the type and quantity of reports desired. Contact CustomerService@MysteryShopper.net to discuss this issue.

  • Is your work guaranteed?
    Each report will meet your expectation or it is free.

  • How do I get more information on how mystery shopping can work for me?
    Click here for our client presentation or contact us for more information.

FAQ's for Shoppers

If you are already a registered shopper, make sure to log in and see a more detailed list of FAQ's before contacting us with your questions.

  • When do I get paid? How do I get paid? How much will I be paid?
    Please click here for answers about being paid as a shopper.

  • Do I need to contact you to see if you have openings in my area?
    No. At this time the NSSN Coordinators contact shoppers via email when we have something in your area. Hopefully you'll be contacted soon.

  • I've been registered for a long time with no message from NSSN. Why?
    We have clients in many areas but not all. We contact shoppers in the order registered in the database.

  • Do you sell my information to anyone?
    No, we do not. We know you value your privacy and will not sell nor share your information. It is used exclusively for us to contact you for assignments and to match you with specific criteria that might be set by the client.

  • How often will I perform evaluations for NSSN?
    That depends on where you are located. Many of our clients change locations monthly so we will most likely not have the pleasure of working with you on a regular basis.

  • How do I update my Shopper information?
    Please go to http://www.mysteryshopper.net and click on Registered Shoppers at the top of the page. From there you can find out your shopper number and then login to change your information. If you get "rejected", be sure you are using the email address you registered with.

  • I tried logging in with my email and shopper number, but I was rejected. What's wrong?
    You probably registered using a different email address or it is misspelled in the registry. Try an email address you have had in the past. If this doesn't work, contact customerservice@mysteryshopper.net and we will respond with assistance.

  • I have a friend that's interested; does she need to contact you?
    No, just direct her to http://www.mysteryshopper.net and thanks for the referral!

  • What type of mystery shopping services do you do?
    We do a variety of integrity and customer service shops.

  • Are you a legitimate company?
    NSSN (National Shopping Service Network of Denver, LLC) has been in Mystery Shopping Business since 1986. We have an excellent reputation that we constantly strive to maintain. Please read about our credentials here at the web site or feel free to browse the shopper boards.

  • How do I get more information on mystery shopping??
    For more information on mystery shopping check out our shopper resources page. If you would like to view our shopper presentation, please click here.

For more information, please contact us.