What is
Mystery Shopping?

  • A consumer's view about performance
  • Part of the process improvement system
  • A customer service auditing activity
  • An attitude adjustment tool
  • Tough love
  • What will
    We Audit?

  • Quality, service and cleanliness
  • Hospitality and salesmanship
  • Integrity
  • Safety and security
  • Who looked at me
  • Who smiled and thanked me
  • Who made me feel "special"
  • What are
    Our Services?

  • Measure customer perspective
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Increased productivity
  • Reward star performance
  • Verify internal controls
  • Close the information loop
  • Warn of impending disaster
  • What about
    Our Reports?

  • Observational and not judgmental
  • Quantify quality perceptions
  • Measure individual improvement
  • Responsive and timely
  • Your form or ours
  • Record by store, area and region
  • We will...
    Guarantee satisfaction!

    We will personally share our insight,
    experience and recommendations to
    your task-at-hand

    Very user friendly

    Report meets your
    expectations or it is free

    Quick - via internet, fax or mail

    What about
    Our Credentials?

    Our founders, Jerry Goodwin and Howard
    Troxel, have extensive experience in customer
    service and integrity evaluations, the hospitality
    industry, business consulting, education, new
    business development and community service.
    Their combined expertise and knowledge offers
    the most thorough and professional mystery and
    integrity shopping service available.

    Sampling of
    Industries served:

    Advertising agency, Apartments, Auto dealer,
    Auto maker, Auto parts, Car wash, Banking, Bar,
    Baseball club, Bookstore, Business forms, Coffee
    shop, Concessions, Convenience stores, Fast
    food, Football club, Gift shops, Grills, Grocery,
    Hair care, Hotel, Pizza, Precious stones/metals,
    Quick Lube, Restaurant, Retail, Storage, Tire
    shop, Vitamin store, Zoo.

    National Shopping
    Service Network, LLC
    3910 East Evans Avenue
    Denver, CO 80210

    Howard Troxel, President
    Jerry Goodwin, CEO

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    Share your mystery and integrity shopping requirements and insights at: E-mail: Howard@MysteryShopper.net

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