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Benefits of Mystery Shopping

Immediate benefits can be seen after implementing a tailored mystery shopping, survey, merchandising, or general program. Benefits continue to accrue long after the program has begun.

Some of the benefits your business will enjoy:

  • Determine customer satisfaction and improve perceived levels of service
  • A customer's view of your business will help you increase profit
  • Report competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Confirm the integrity of employees, company procedures and internal controls
  • Supports an incentive program that will boost employee productivity & loyalty
  • Identifies problems whether large or small
  • Targets your limited training resources

The benefits of a mystery shopping, survey, merchandising, or general program will vary for each business. The size and industry of your business is a factor, as well as the needs of your business.

Mystery shopping programs can be instituted for a variety of different reasons; with each program specially targeted to produce benefits in the areas you need most.

Some companies institute programs to identify customer needs, opinions, and general satisfaction. They use that information on an on-going basis to better market their products and focus their resources. Companies may also have a need to identify problems with employee integrity such as skimming the till, dealing under the table, or inaccurate revenue share reporting. While other companies may institute a program as part of healthy business management. A consistent program can provide invaluable information with regard to how your business is functioning as a whole. This allows you to restructure as your business grows and develops. This allows you to more quickly and effectively target training to areas where it is needed, identify customer needs and satisfaction, and maintain employee integrity and moral.

No matter what your business needs are, a program can be designed to meet those needs. Your program can evolve as you grow and change to meet your on-going needs.

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